Webinar: Fearless Organisations

195312148-charles-darwin-quoteWhen: 12-1pm, Wednesday March 22 2017


Is your enterprise equipped for change?

It has to be! If not you have to act to make it so!

Are you brave enough to think and act differently?


The Webinar will explore how to create fearless organisations that can embrace change as opportunity for growth and evolution, focusing on the following key concepts:
Creating organisational culture that:
o is agile and adaptable
o puts the customer at the heart of the organisation
o is based on values of trust, fearlessness and forgiveness
Leading from the Heart
o the importance of emotional and cultural intelligence in creating
emotional connections with and between colleagues and customers
o empowering colleagues to become champions of change – to have the
courage to act, make decisions, innovate and have difficult
Influencing and embedding key behavioural change at all levels within
the organisation

o personal values
o relationships and communications between colleagues and with customers
o organisational structure, policies and procedures

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this webinar participants will be able to identify strategies to:

• create an organizational culture that promotes and embraces change
• embed key behavioural change within their organisations

Cost: Free

How to Join: This event is being hosted by the Australian Human Resources Institute. The link to register for the webinar  is below: