Thursday 12th October, 9.30 -12.30: Releasing the Talent Within:

Effective leaders lead with humility. They aim to release the greatness from within themselves and within others. They understand that assisting others to be the best they can be is the best way to achieve success, and actively create a working environment that enables this to happen. This workshop will assist you to create that environment and spot the opportunities in employee behaviours to encourage their ideas and participation in problem solving and winning customers.


Thursday 26th October, 9.30 -12.30: Releasing the Power of Diversity:

Diversity is all the rage. But having diversity in your organisation is only an asset if you know how to tap its full potential. This workshop will introduce you to the importance of cultural intelligence in releasing the potential of diversity in your organisation. It will assist you to create more effective teams, tap the potential of diversity in both local and overseas markets and build success on the foundation of healthy, productive working relationships. 


Thursday 9th November, 9.30-12.30: Capitalising on Chaos:

Chaos, friend or foe?  Most businesses struggle with internal politics, unclear procedures, or disengaged employees which can cause chaos. Effective leaders embrace chaos as their friend and understand that chaos creates an opportunity for new order to emerge, relationships are enhanced and innovation is ignited.  We will teach you techniques to release the creativity by igniting the passion in your team to tackle and thrive in chaos. We will brainstorm your real life examples of chaos and identify ways you can influence your team to drive greater client and employee engagement. You will learn practical ways to spot the opportunities and take action using communication and empowerment techniques that builds alignment within your organisation.


Thursday 23rd November, 9.30-12.30: Navigating Difficult Conversations:

We’ve all had a bad experience during a conversation. Perhaps a boss lashed out at you, or a client hung up the phone.  Effective leaders know how to handle those conversations to produce a better outcome, one that is less pain for you and less pain for the person you’re talking to.  Leadership is not only about inspiring people, but also about having uncomfortable dialogue. We will teach you how to plan and conduct these conversations without passing blame, and get the results you want.


Location: Level 2/396 High St Penrith (entrance via Woodriff Street)

Cost: $150 per workshop ($500 if you register for all 4)

To register: